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Whole Food Vegan Diet

What is a whole food diet?whole-food-plant-based-food

According to J. Fuhrman, the author of Eat To Live, The End of Dieting (internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing), consuming the healthiest foods gives the best results: most effective disease reversal, disease protection, longevity enhancement, and the end of dieting.

I have been eating a lot of vegan junk food, you would think it is healthy because it’s vegan, right?! There is a misconception about vegans, such as vegan = healthy. Sadly, not always. You can be vegan and unhealthy as a result of too much vegan processed foods, junk food. In the begging of my vegan lifestyle journey, I consumed a lot of plant-based raw whole foods until I was introduced with processed vegan food; delicious vegan cookies, ice cream, donuts, cupcakes and etc. Unfortunately, It is so easy to get off track, and slowly become addicted to them. These processed foods not only make us unhealthy but also affect our mood, women’s menstrual cycle and our energy level. Personally, I noticed how my mood swings up and down after eating junk food. I get awful cramps on my periods, and sometimes barely run a mile. Yes, they taste delicious but unfortunately, these foods do not contribute anything positive to our body and mind.

After watching countless documentaries and reading books about whole plant-based foods, and experiencing it myself, I’ve come to believe that you are what you eat, indeed. I decided to take a challenge on a whole plant-based food lifestyle. For more on this check out my next post.

I will keep you updated on my

  • whole food meals
  • how I feel
  • and my weight

Okay, I’m excited to do this. 🙂

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See you there!


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