What is Thanksgiving without a side of drama?

Sure, we love the holidays from the food to seeing the whole family but really what do we go through? It can only mean one thing: get ready for some serious questions from family members that will make you pretty uncomfortable. 

You are already stressed out because time is your worst enemy. The fear of getting older and older. Why God? Why?!


But you are ignoring that because there are more important stuff, such as choosing the appropriate outfit for Thanksgiving dinner to please your mom.


But what you really want to wear is just something really comfortable and cozy.


And Here come those awkward questions at the Thanksgiving table that We always try to avoid during thanksgiving dinner. 

Are you seeing someone special right now? img2-thejournal


Did you lose weight since the last time I saw you?



What do you do for a living?


And..you want to burst all out.


And ironically they ask this question: Why don’t you visit more?


That sibling who likes to brag about his/her love life and career.Then your mom starts comparing you.


Can’t come empty handed either. Are you cooking or did you bring something?


The Football season: that game where you don’t understand anything, but pretend you do. In reality you do not give a damn about it. 19-new-girl-w750-h560-2x

But all you want to do is just eat.


Then, you remember there is Black Friday. Everything is discounted, which means a Big Check on your Christmas shopping list! BUT you realize the craziness at Black Friday night. Then, there comes the question: to go or not to go!  new-girl-best-buy

You wish you stayed in your apartment all alone with a large pizza and a Whole Food’s pumpkins pie, or joined  friends for Friendsgiving instead. 


But at the end, that’s what makes a family family because at heart we all love each other.


So, let’s try to enjoy this Thanksgiving for the sake of amazing food! 😀



  1. I like the different pictures and animated images. They are funny and illustrate well all the points you talk about. Great job covering the different events/conversations that can come up! Yes, indeed, “at the end the day, that’s what makes a family family” cause most of the time, family members ask those questions because they care and want things to be different or better for each other.

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