This is What Happened When I Started Running Every Morning

Hi there! How are you today? Did anybody tell you that you are beautiful, and that you are doing great? Yes, you. You are doing awesome and you are beautiful! giphy (12)

Just a little motivation before we start. Don’t stop, keep crawling, walking or running, whichever pace you like, and do not let anyone stop you. YOU GOT THIS!

So, I was never a professional runner and I was never consistent in my run. Back in college I used to run every morning outside in the park, sometimes by the river, and if it was too cold, I would run at the GYM. Sometimes, I would go twice a day, joining my best-friend for her evening workout. That’s what best-friends are for, right?!

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When I graduated and moved to New York City, I stopped running mainly because I was trying to get my life together. New York is tough, It took me almost a year to get back to my routine. I finally started running again and it felt wonderful. This time, I was more consistent. Running every morning not only helped my body to get in a good shape but also helped workout my brain.Running

This is what happened when I started running every day:

I stopped getting sick. My metabolic system got better and I felt lighter, and more energetic.

I started eating more healthy. As I mentioned in my previous post, generally, when you start running, your body stops craving unhealthy food. I try to make healthy choices most of the time, although sometimes I fail. Sneaking food

I lost weight. This is the best way to lose some weight, it will take time but it will work.giphy (11)

My legs are more toned. Not perfect, but much better. The hardest part is inner thigh fat, that’s the most stubborn part of your body that takes forever to go away. Just be patient, it will happen.bean3

I said bye to my love handles. Mine are gone! The first thing that I lost was my muffin top.giphy (16)

Healthy body, healthy mind. I feel happier and my days are brighter when I run in the mornings.giphy (14)

I am more productive. I am much more productive and accomplish my day-to-day goals more easily than ever before.giphy (9)

Haters gonna hate. Basically, nothing can break you! It gets easier to brush off negativity, and you naturally strive to approach things in a positive and optimistic way.

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Positive mood and lower rates of depression! Studies show that when we run for more than an hour, our body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are also known as “feel-good” chemicals which boosts your mood, therefore lowers rate of depression. Basically, It is the body’s natural painkiller. So, get your sport’s gear ready and start planning your exercise routine.

I find time for myself. My *every New Year resolution is to visit all the museums and art galleries in the city, unfortunately, that never happens. However, since I started running I find time to do other fun stuff. I  visit galleries and museums once a week and it helps me relax, especially after a stressful week. giphy (15)

So, if you are still deciding on whether to exercise or not, just do it. Just go for it, we have to start somewhere right? Why not now? Remember, start slowly, jog then increase your pace. Take your time, don’t rush, and try it for a month. Always keep in mind that you are responsible for your own happiness, no one is going to do it for you. Life is too short.giphy (13)

Thanks and let me know your thoughts.



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