San Francisco Vegan Adventure

Sharing with you my vegan experience in beautiful San Francisco. I am totally in love with this city that barely made it back. I am seriously considering to move to San Francisco by next year, if everything goes “according to plan”. I love how everything is in one place ~ ocean and beach, mountains, hiking trails, city, that clear sky, a breath of fresh air– beautiful. Fortunately, I didn’t have any difficulties to find vegan food, as I mentioned on my previous post, I always struggle finding a good vegan meal on my trips. However, in San Francisco almost every restaurant had a vegan option, and It was not just a simple salad but a real vegan food that tasted absolutely delicious.

We walked and hiked so much that we ate only one meal per day or two, and mostly snacked and tried to stay hydrated through out the day.

1. This was my brunch in a very tiny yet cozy french cafe near Union Square. It was not a vegan cafe but they had one vegan option. This sandwich was simple, healthy and very enjoyable.  french vegan cafe

2. Mexican restaurant Matador  in Lower Nob Hill. I absolutely loved my dish. Not a vegan restaurant but offers plenty of vegan food. mexican vegan food-san francisco-veganmexican food-vegan food-vegan on trip

3. Avocado toast from Philz Coffe shop at Embarcadero. The place also had vegan sweets and lattes and cappuccinos.  It’s a great place to work on your franciscoavocado toast-vegan food

4. Italian Restaurant that also offers a vegan option, super friendly stuff. This meal was light but filling, a perfect dish to end the day.Italian vegan food

5. Of course, there comes pizza. We love pizza, I mean who doesn’t?! This restaurant has a “build your own pizza” option, where they give you a list of toppings/vegetables to choose from for your customized pizza. The bread (pizza’s crust) reminded me of home, It tasted very similar to what we have back home, so I very much liked it.IMG_3491

**Note: All of my friends are non-vegans but they love vegan food. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up going to any vegan restaurants because we didn’t have enough time. However, as I mentioned above you can find a vegan meal almost in every restaurant or cafe in San Francisco.  Also, I had a lot of snacks such as almonds, peanuts, apples and bananas.

Sharing some of the beautiful scenery from our adventure.

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