Oatmeal Pudding

Oatmeal Pudding or as we call it abck in Tajikistan Shir Birinj. This dish is made with milk and white rice and mostly is a breakfasts meal. I remember my mother would prepare Shir Birinj (Rice Pudding) in the mornings. It is a very traditional Tajik meal, which time saving, easy to make. Usually does not contain sugar or salt but can be added for the flavour. I decided to make this dish with steel-cut oats and coconut cream, which is less caloric.

It is:

  • Light
  • Filling
  • Easy to digest
  • Low in calories
  • Delicious


  • Coconut cream
  • Steel-cut oats or regular oats
  • Sugar or salt optional


  • Plantains
  • Walnuts


  1. Boil your oats in water until ready, if you are in a rush use regular oats which will cook faster
  2. I mix my coconut cream with water, boil oats in water and add coconut cream at the end
  3. You may add sugar if you’d like it a little bit sweet, otherwise it tastes good as it is
  4. Cook your plantains in water instead of oil. It still tastes good and is much healthier
  5. For a more flavorful breakfast add nuts

Enjoy and stay warm!





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