Live With More Trust, Intuition And Flow

How do you start trusting yourself and your intuition? Do more of what you love?

It has become quiet difficult to live life without constantly being judged, or controlled by the strange world that is so attached to media, that you let the outside world decide your life unconsciously. Because of these life circumstances, we stop trusting our inner self and start following other people’s lifestyle and slowly dis-attach from ourselves by losing our confidence and self awareness. That is when the comparison game begins; you compare yourself to everyone you see. How do we change this and where do you even start? How do you find your peace?

I believe finding peace with yourself will lead you to finding peace with others. One of the methods that helps me to stay peaceful and calm is meditation. The power of meditation is absolutely amazing! When I started meditating I didn’t realize how much it would change my life. I found my balance, peace, and consciousness. I am more grateful for every little thing now than I ever was. However, to achieve this you need to practice meditation every day. It is easy to meditate for a week or sometimes moths and give up because you didn’t achieve what others said you would.  You have to keep practicing it until it is perfect. You will know when it is perfect. Always, remember it is a work in progress.


Meditation helps you to become:

  • patient
  • more aware
  • conscious
  • positive
  • productive
  • more grateful
  • healthy
  • loving

Currently, I am using meditation apps and podcasts to help me start and understand the meditation process. You can meditate for 5, 10, or 20 mins per day. One of my favorite meditation apps is Inscape. I love Inscape because teaches you mindful breathing and educates you about it. Breathing is one of the most important parts of meditation and it is vital to know how to correctly breathe. It’s an effective method in the reduction of anxiety. The breathing technique has a magical effect on your brain and body. It is more like cleansing your body every time you meditate.  Practiced daily, meditation will help you to stay grateful, and set up your intentions for the day that keeps you proactive, positive, and energetic.


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