Journals and Intentions

Do you have a journal/diary and do you write your intentions for every month?

I do, I record the happy moments and the not so happy moments of my life. Doing so led me to understand myself better, find my weaknesses and my strengths, which allowed me to grow into a more compassionate and less judgmental person. I have never told anyone about having a journal/diary because I was afraid they would judge. Today, I decided to share this piece of information, recording your life events are not a bad habit. On the contrary, it might help you stay calm or focused. I think having a journal can be a good thing for many of us. With that said, at the end of each month I write down my intentions for the month ahead. I realized when I do this, it helps me keep track of  things I want to accomplish for that specific month, whether it be self improvement or career goal. When I intend something, I try my best to accomplish it by the end of the month. Intentions are not something that we do for the sake of feeling good, at least not for me. It is an aim you want and determined to achieve that will make you happier. I have challenged myself to create new habits that will keep my day to day life more productive. I have trouble staying consistent,  trusting people, or expressing my feelings. What helps me stay on truck with a peaceful mind is spirituality and meditation. So, for me those two are important, and something I am trying to practice over and over until they become a habit. I am very eager to follow this list, and if not best, at least get better at it. I will update you with my results. Stay tuned!

Remember that you are connected to everything and everything is connected to you.

These are Intentions for the month of March.


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