If Hollywood was More Diverse: Superhero Comics

There are so many great diverse actors who are leaving their marks on Hollywood. I wish there were more opportunities for these talented young men and women. Unfortunately, we don’t see a lot of diversity in Hollywood but I hope, that it will change soon.

Therefore, I made a list of superheroes who could totally be African American, Asian, Hispanic and etc. If there were a diversity of superheroes, who would you choose as your favorite hero? This is my list of actors that would totally kill it playing these superheroes.

1. Batman Idris Elba for Batman. One of the sexiest man alive (according to me). Yes, yes and yes to that!

2. Spider Man Dev Patel

3. Wonder Woman  Aya Naomi King

4. Black Widow Olga Kurylenko

5. Iron Man William Levy

6. Captain America Jesse Williams

7. Flash Godfrey Gao

8. Thor Jason Momoa (Hawaiian actor)

9. Cat Woman Arden Cho

10. Robin Elliot Knight

11. Superman Ashton Kutcher


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