Exercise and Motivation

The number one rule for anyone to stay motivated to exercise regularly is Ice-cream, perhaps coffee ice-cream or maybe cookie-dough, you choose your flavor!giphy (6)

Just kidding! Occasionally, you can allow yourself enjoy your desserts without the guilt but only discipline and dedication will lead you to success. I know, I know that’s what everyone keeps telling you, and it is easier said than done. giphy (5)But hey! If I could do it, you can too!

The best way to rigidly stick to something is to make it a habit. Saying no to the laziness and no to all those “little” excuses we create to avoid exercising. giphy (13)

For once, choose You and make You happy, You first than anything else. Your health is more important. Sounds about right!giphy (10)

According to scientists, on average It takes more than two months before we form a new behavior, so start counting now.giphy (11)

Find a partner as dedicated as you are to help you get up and rungiphy (4)

Just imagine how it’s going to make you feel once the run is finished.giphy (14)It does!

Track your exercises, put it on your planner and put a check mark at the end of the week. You will be proud of yourself.giphy (4)

Pick a time that fits your schedule, personally I like early mornings because this way I have no excuse to miss my run.giphy (9)

Make sure you stay hydrated. Seriously, very important!giphy (3)

Get a good sleep unless you want to experiment “The Walking Dead” zombies. Trust me, it’s not fun.

Regulate your workout routine when you are away from home. Make the most out of your hotel workouts or if the weather is nice run outside, do not skip a day.

giphy (5).gif

Get a new playlist to stay motivated and excited about your workoutgiphy (7)

Get a pair of shoes, or any sports gear. It will also motivate you to rungiphy (8)

Don’t eat 2-3 hours before your run, have a light snack like almonds or energy drinks, or banana to give you some energygiphy (1)

Stretch and walk for 5 to 10 minutes before your rungiphy (2)Okay, may be not like that but you get what I mean.

When you start running think about something pleasant, something that makes you happy, relax your mind to make your run easy. This will help you run longer.giphy (9)

Run slow, running in slow pace helps you run longer without a pause, and it is the most effective way to build a base. Embrace the long slow run to greatness.giphy (3)


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