Benefits of Molasses

What could be worse than catching a summer cold, missing your beach days and all the fun this season has to offer. What do you do when you catch a cold? One way I deal with mine when the symptoms start showing up is home remedies. I try to use natural products such as ginger, lemon, green tea with molasses. Yes, molasses. I discovered this amazing product from a friend who uses it on a regular basis instead of sugar, which is a healthier option. Did you know the benefits of this spectacular ingredient? Let me share some with you as I got so excited when I he about it myself.

Benefits: (To read more about its Benefits).

  1. Diabetes Friendly sweetener
  2. Packed With Potassium
  3. Good for the Blood

This Info graphic will give tell why you should be consuming molasses from Wellness Mama.

molasses-benefits-sugar substitute-healthy sugar-plantbased
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