Being A Vegan In A Strange Strange World

What is it like to be a vegan?

What people think I eat when I say I’m on a plant-based vegan lifestyle.


Okay, let’s get this straight vegans don’t eat grass, maybe they do…. Definitely not like that. Vegans don’t consume animal products, such as meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances. I will talk more about this in my next post, so stay tuned.




When the restaurant claims they have vegan options. New adventures are all fun until you discover that there are no vegan restaurants available in town and you hope for restaurant possible “vegan” options.




Me:giphy (6)

Salad = Vegan. Don’t get me wrong we love salads but that’s not what we eat all the time. Next time you see a vegan restaurant, stop by and look at the menu. being vegan
giphy (7)Habits change. When you start changing your eating habits and constantly exercising, your body naturally gives up many unhealthy foods. For example, I no longer have any interest in alcohol and getting drunk. If I do go out I’d have a glass of red wine. On Fridays, I often find myself with a cup of warm green tea and a face mask.

When you are the only vegan in your group. Walking for hours and hours at 12am to finally find a place that none of the people like. Tough. Nothing vegan is open after midnight. Lettuce please.

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See Sight or Food? Traveling becomes difficult because when we travel we want to see as many places as we can, and most of the time we end up eating fast foods. The thing about fast food is they don’t serve food for vegans unless it’s a vegan fast food chain. Goes to grocery store: bag of baby carrots please!


Becoming a pro at food labels. Basically, you know exactly what to look for and determine if a product is safe for you or not in 5 seconds.


When you find a new vegan bakery shop giphy (5)

You literally try every vegan spot that is in the city until you find the *ONE

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