14 Reasons Why You Should Visit New York City

New York, the city of dreams, endless opportunities, the city that never sleeps, and where you can literally find anything, anything you want from food to festivals and night clubs. There are so many things that make New York City so special and unique. Here are 14 reasons why you should visit this unpredictable city. Let’s explore!

  1. Diversity:  You want diversity? Just go to Times Square. Jokes aside, the ethnic micro-neighborhoods of five boroughs already give you superb experience; such as Little Italy, Little Senegal in Harlem, Chinatown, Little India, Little Dominican Republic, the Chinese, Taiwanese, Community in Flushing, Korean Town, Little Brazil, Little Poland in Brooklyn, Little Ireland, and there is Brighten Beach – or perhaps Russian Beach? Or as I like to call it the former USSR countries neighborhood, and many more. We are pretty rich city!
  2. Amazing Food Carts: Best authentic cuisines from all over the world                      
  3. Free concerts
  4. Trader Joe’s: I love Trader Joe’s, they have one of my favorite non-dairy frozen dessert Cherry Chocolate Chip plus at a reasonable price. Yummy!
  5. Vegan Food: By Chloe and Sun in Bloom are my favorite vegan go to places. They are however, a little pricy but their food is vegalicious!
  6. Rooftops with one of the best DJs, that compliment the amazing view of the city.
  7. Authentic restaurants such as Italian, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Russian,  you name  it…there are so many choices.
  8. Festivals and Events that introduce you to different cultures from around the globe.
  9. Very unique entertainment at subway stations like Union Square, or Times Square, or Herald Square. These are live music acts that are totally free, and there are some pretty cool dancers and singers, but hey be sure to tip them, don’t be jerks, be nice! 😀
  10. Sport’s Bars that can get insanely packed during the sport’s season.
  11. Parks: The humongous Central Park, Bryant Park, Battery Park (my personal favorite), and many more in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
  12. Museums like Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Museum of the city of New York, Brooklyn Museum, Museum of the Moving Image, Museum of Sex (yep we have that too), and etc.
  13.  You will never see the same person again. If you fall somewhere or somehow embarrass yourself, meet a guy/girl just for fun, don’t worry because the chances are you will never meet these people ever again, unless you exchange numbers and actually meet up!                     tumblr_n91fgzxmln1qjzvcco1_500

14.    Bars with pretty good happy hours that let you socialize and meet new people.

Well, when I said NYC has everything and anything I wasn’t kidding. There are still so many other things that aren’t on this list. If you would like to add something else please comment below, and don’t forget to SHARE and press the button –>LIKE.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your post about NY. It actually made me miss this city so much 😥 I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I was there last time. I really want to visit soon.

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